What Are Accommodations?

Parents often meet with me to establish 504 plans ~ accommodation plans ~ for students who have learning challenges. Many ask me what are accommodations and can my child receive them. Accommodations change HOW a student learns, not WHAT a student learns. The distinction is quite important for families, students, and educators to understand. When […]

Improving Work Performance and Executive Function

My daughter is a lovely young woman who teaches fourth grade in a dual language program. She uses checklists for her day-to-day tasks, keeps her work area ready to plan lessons, and reviews every day tasks that she needs to complete during the week. All of these skills she learned while navigating the public school […]

What Are the Signs that Tutoring is Needed?

The most important relationship is the one between you and your child. This relationship can be tested if a child or teen is struggling and there is consistent conflict around homework, projects, tests, etc. Tutoring support can often ease these tensions as well as provide additional content support and learning strategies. Our tutoring offers a […]

Working Memory Strategies

Many students with learning challenges struggle with working memory, the ability to retain and retrieve information that has been previously learned or reviewed. Strategies can be developed at school and at home to develop a more efficient and effective memory. 1. Give Directions in Multiple Formats. Whether you are asking your child to clean his […]

Welcome to our new blog!

Welcome to Island Educational Services’ new blog. At Island Educational Services we know the term “education” is a mammoth one, but we hope to share a point of view about a variety of topics that impact families and their children. While the main contributor will be me – Lydia Harrison, the owner and director of Island Educational Services – the tutoring staff will also contribute ideas, thoughts, and resources that are important in their work. We hope you will give us feedback and share your insights as well.