Beyond High School

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Students with unique learning needs often believe there is a very narrow choice of post-secondary schools. Within the past several years, many colleges and universities have begun to offer expanded support programs for students with learning challenges. Island Educational Services can support students and their families through the journey of selecting an appropriate college, university, or program. In addition, tutors can help students navigate the application process, including the writing of the college essay. Our expertise also includes supporting students through the transition process if needs are more challenging.

We also offer content support for students at the collegiate level in math and language arts as well as GED support for high school students. For those students who have left the Bainbridge Island area for post-high school opportunities, we use technology, such as Skype, to support students who may need academic and/or organizational coaching through the transition from high school to college.

Lydia Harrison

Lydia Harrison

Having worked for 20 years with high school students with unique learning needs who seek a college education, Lydia has extensive knowledge on the differences between IEPs/504 plans and the supports students receive at the collegiate level. She can also assist students in choosing post-secondary programs that best fit their learning styles. She can also help students with college applications, scholarship applications, and essays.

Jane Stenerson

A former high school counselor, Jane can assist students with the college application and the college essays. Jane also understands the GED process and can assist students in taking the exam.