Choosing Reading Materials

for Children and Teens

Following is a list of resources we have found useful for choosing reading materials for children and teens:

American Library Resources for Parents, Teens, and Kids has a site that recommends web sites for kids, book suggestions, software for kids and teens, and articles for parents on reading and books.

Barnes & Noble has a web site where you can search for books by age-group, subject, or key word. At the home page, click on “Kids;” this will take you to the children’s section. You can also scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “The Reader’s Catalog Bookshelf” to read reviews of best-selling books listed by age group.

The International Reading Association has extensive resources for educators and families, including a quick link for struggling readers. Type “choice” in the search engine and various booklist links will become available, including the Children’s Choice booklist which is a list of favorite books chosen by children.

Kitsap Regional Library has a variety of resources for children and adults. Children and teen books often have reviews by various literary magazines and organizations. The reviews give age appropriateness and an overview of the book, including main characters.

New York Public Library’s “On-Lion” for Kids contains recommended reading lists with holiday themes, information on authors and favorite book characters, links to science and technology sites for kids, and a section for parents and educators.

Reading is Fundamental provides literacy games and activities for children as well as Parent Guides and Tip Sheets. Parent Guides include “Choosing Good Books for Children of All Ages,” “Reading Aloud to Your Children,” and “Summertime Reading Adventures.”

The U.S. Department of Education’s Reading First program also has a variety of resources for families and educators. It publishes a reading guide that can be downloaded in PDF and downloadable guide for Preventing Reading Difficulties in Young Children. Both can be accessed through the Reading First web site.