IEP Resources

for Parents and Educators

Following are resources we have found helpful for Individual Education Plans (IEPs).

Family Village provides links to other websites that include checklists, benchmarks, and guidelines that families can use in the preparation for IEP meetings. See

LD Online is a website for parents of children with learning disabilities and provides up-to-date articles, links, books, and forums about IEPs. See

National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities (NICHCY) provides free publications on a wide range of topics, including “A Student’s Guide to the IEP” and “Developing Your Child’s IEP.” See

Wright’s Law provides accurate, reliable information about special education law, education law, and advocacy for children with disabilities for parents, educators, advocates, and attorneys. This website includes tips for starting the new school year with an IEP, model IEPs, and the legal requirements of an IEP.

IEP Downloads

IEP Tips for Parents (PDF)

IEP Tips for Professionals (PDF)

IEP Tips for Parents When There Are Conflicts (PDF)

Additional Information

The Short-and-Sweet Overview of an IEP:

IEP Guide:

U.S. Department of Education: Guide to an IEP:

Wisconsin Statewide Parent Educator Initiative: IEP Guide:

Connecticut Parent Advisory Center: Resources for Implementation of the IEP:

Vanderbilt University: Assistive Technology Overview:

The Iris Center offers information about various disabilities as well as strategies and modifications: